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For Investors


Our respiratory support & lung management platform has been in development for the past year. It offers a portfolio of products ranging from a non-invasive ventilator to various airway clearance and lung management products like cough assist and high frequency chest wall oscillation.


The global respiratory care market for these devices is very attractive and caters to a broad range of patients in post-operative wards, ICU’s, and at home.  It covers chronic diseases like Bronchiectasis, COPD, CF, various neuro muscular diseases, spinal chord injury and conditions needing ventilatory support, active lung clearance or lung volume recruitment therapies.


Our pneumatic platform provides unique opportunity for gas flow and pressure control enabling novel respiratory support and lung protective algorithms for a Non-Invasive Ventilator. One key focus area for us is hygiene, and our platform provides the first and only cough assist device with isolated inspiratory channel thus providing a more hygienic solution. Our platform also provides unique features to support workflows at home and the hospital with the most portable products that have touch based screens giving them a simple, highly usable interface.


The target market for these devices is global and we already have very interested distributors who would like to have the respiratory care devices from ABM.

The Industry

The portfolio covering lung management products and interfaces along with non-invasive ventilation will address a $1B market in US alone, with similar market size in the rest of the world, growing at 7-8% per annum.  Our experience in the industry plus our clearly differentiated products will give us the ability to penetrate this market and provide gross margins on our products between 65%-75%.

Investment background


We are a team of very passionate individuals each having 10-20 years’ experience in medical devices and the respiratory care industry with some of the biggest companies covering clinical, R&D, regulatory and commercial aspects.

We believe that our platform and products will do amazingly well in the respiratory support and lung management market and foresee significant return on investment with the lowest possible risks given that we have already developed the working proof of concept and have willing distributors on board.

We are very passionate about our business and we would invite interested investors to contact us now to discuss this investment proposal further. We will review your investment interest and get in touch with you.

Please contact us directly at info@abmrespiratorycare.com to discuss this investment proposal further.

Chad Boerst  


ABM RespiratoryCare