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BiWaze Cough is the Next Generation Airway Clearance product providing MI-E Therapy (Mechanical Insufflation and Exsufflation). It is built upon ABM's innovative BiWaze Platform. 

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BiWaze™ Cough provides MI/E therapy which offers a more comfortable removal of secretions over suctioning. This therapy works non-invasively through a mouth piece, face mask or an adaptor to an ET tube or Trach tube. BiWaze Cough also can provide airflow oscillations to help mobilize secretions.


MI/E therapy works by applying gradual inhale pressure followed by rapid negative pressure mimicking a strong cough. BiWaze Cough also provides PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) during the pause phase for patient comfort and to keep airways open.


Patients who may benefit from BiWaze Cough include, but are not limited to, are the patients with following diseases or conditions: Muscular Dystrophy, SMA, Spinal Cord Injury, ALS, Pneumonia, COPD.

What is special about BiWaze Cough ?

BiWaze Cough leverages the dual pathway design of the BiWaze Platform to provide MIE Therapy in a hygienic way. Unlike other products in the market, BiWaze Cough provides a separate inhalation path from the exhalation path. Which means every breath your patient take is fresh air without rebreathing from the exhaled mucus air path.

Effectiveness and Hygiene

  • Oscillations up-to 20 Hz to facilitate secretion mobilization

  • Dual Airway path separating inhale and exhale

  • Positive airway pressure during pause phase of MI-E Therapy


  • Light weight (<9 lbs with battery)

  • Internal Lithium Ion Battery 

  • Low profile design for easy transportation in carry bag or on a wheel chair.

Simple to Use

  • 7'' Touchscreen with simple UI

  • Personalized therapy profiles with option to store up to 20 profiles

  • Mobile App for remote control


  • Advanced programming feature to customize each therapy breath.

  • WiFi data connectivity

  • Patient-Caregiver communication through mobile app and portal

Technical Specifications

ABM's airway clearance and ventilation platform introduction

BiWaze Platform

BiWaze platform is a new patent pending respiratory device platform developed by ABM. The products developed on BiWaze platform will have intelligence, connectivity, hygiene and powerful respiratory therapies capabilities.

BiWaze Integrated Therapy Solution

  • Portable - Less than 4.5 kgs. with internal battery, Small size for easy travel

  • Convenience of single patient circuit - Innovative, hygiene focus design

  • Smart Ventilation Algorithms - Provide uninterrupted ventilation with airway clearance, Better patient quality of life

  • Smart Oral secretion management

  • Connectivity with latest technology